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We are located at #1607 Pandosy st. (upper floor, between Lawrence and Leon)
Kelowna, BC, Canada
V1Y 1P6

Class Descriptions

At Latinesque we can customize a dance program to suit your particular needs. There are 3 main ways to take lessons: Group classes, Private lessons or a combination of both.


This is a class where you learn a particular dance with a group of other students who are at the same level as you. The class is designed to teach you the basic steps or patterns as well as basic frame and timing for that particular dance. In our group classes you do not need a partner because we give everyone a chance to dance with each other during the lesson. It is a great way to meet people! Group classes are held in the evening only and at specific times. The lesson is 45min.


This is a class where you will have the huge advantage of having a Latinesque dance instructor all to yourself! In this class the teacher has the ability to introduce advanced stylings and techniques to help you get looking confident and smooth at a much faster rate. They are also able to teach you other fabulous dance steps that you may not find in the group class. For those with limited time availability this may be a better option as it is not on a set schedule and can be booked at your convenience. The lesson is 45min


By far the most efficient way to learn to dance is by taking a combination of groups and privates. This way the Group Lesson will give you the basic understanding and mechanics of the dance and the Private Lesson can be used to help refine the movements and work on your particular areas of concern. We recommend a ratio of 1 Group lesson,1 Private lesson and 1 Practice session per week to optimize your learning.

Class Prices


  Marlene   Samantha
Group Classes
6 week session
  $60.00   $62 - 72

Private Lessons
45 minutes: 1-2 people

  $60.00   $65.00
Drop in   $12.00   $15.00

Custom Packages – a combination of group classes and private lessons to suit your needs are available and are based on a 6 week session.  Please contact an instructor for details and prices.

Marlene Woodroff
  Samantha Sambrielaz

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