Due to the fact that Latinesque is a member of the International Dance Teachers Association(recognised world wide) as well as Dancesport Canada, we can accommodate anyone interested in entering into competitions anywhere in the world!

There are 3 main categories: Professional, Amateur and Pro-Am. Professional is where both partners are teachers of dance, Amateures are where both partners are students, and Pro-Am is where a student dances with their teacher!

Warren has been entering students in amateur and pro-am competitions for over 14 years, and has competed both as an amateur and a professional.

Everyone has the opportunity to compete. However it does require that the student receives private instruction.

How do the competitions work?

A typical competition will involve a wide variety of levels and age ranges. There are different categories to accommodate different skill levels.

For instance:
Newcomer Level- This is someone who has never competed before and has had less than 50 private lessons.
From there you would progress through the following levels
Bronze- 1-2 years of dance experience
Silver- 2-4 years of dance experience
Gold- 4-6 years of dance experience
Pre-Championship- 5 or more
Championship- 5 or more

These are only rough estimates of how long it takes to achieve the different levels. It always depends on time and most importantly practice!

In addition to the skill levels there are also AGE levels so you will be competing against others who are of a similar age as yourself. There are age ranges from 6 years old to 70 years young!

You may choose from many different dances and can enter as many or as little as you like!

Talk to your professional Latinesque instructor for more information and when the next competition is happening so you can take part!

What is involved in a private lesson?

 A private lesson gives you the chance to have a Latinesque certified professional dance instructor all to yourself! The class is 45 min and gives you an opportunity to have the teachers full attention to work on your individual areas of concern as well as refine the techniques and stylings of the various dances. This will help you to look more smooth and graceful and have more confidence with your dancing.

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