Latinesque Dance Instructors

Warren Eaton

Our main instructor is Warren Eaton. Warren has been a professional instructor, dancer, performer and choreographer for over 19 years.

He is originally from Edmonton, Alberta where he started his career in 1993 teaching "American Style" Ballroom and Latin at Cheek to Cheek dance studios and club. While there he had the pleasure of competing in numerous Pro and Pro-Am competitions across Canada and the U.S. After 6 fantastic years there and eventually becoming the "Dance Director" Warren decided to concentrate on developing his own teaching and dancing to the highest level.

As a result, in 1999 he moved to London, England - the top country in the world for International style dance. There he was able to receive coaching from the best teachers in the world at the famous Semley Dance Studios in south London. After a few years in the competitive scene he realized that his true love is in teaching. So he decided to get his qualifications in "International style" dance from the people who practically wrote the book!! Warren received his certification first as an Associate, then as a Licentiate member of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).

Then in 2004, while teaching at Semley studios, he was invited to be a guest instructor in various schools across China! He spent 6 weeks touring Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shen Zhen helping to develop their teachers and students dancing level. “It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.”

Finally in the summer of 2004 Warren returned home to Canada, but this time to Peachland, British Columbia, where his family had moved to, and began teaching his own classes at the Robb Card Dance Studios in Kelowna.

”This is a wonderful place to live and teach! I look forward to passing all of my hard earned knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm for dance on to you!!”  - Warren.


What should I wear?

Dancing is great exercise so dress on the lighter side or in layers so you can remove something if you become too warm. You can never look too good! Feel free to dress up as much as you like. Remember you will be meeting new people and many first impressions!

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